A SUP repair usually takes 1-2 weeks and is processed according to the following schedule

  1. Register SUP online and send in the delivery note you received
  2. SUP arrives at workshop
  3. Assessment and cost estimate within 1-2 days
  4. After payment SUP Repair will be started
  5. Re-Inspection of SUP 24-48hours after repair
  6. SUP delivery after Inspection

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I have to send the SUP?
After the Registration of the SUP you will receive a delivery note with the exact address. A processing fee of €20 will be charged for SUPs sent in incorrectly or without an order

Can I bring the SUP in person? 
There is currently no way to bring the SUP directly to the workshop.

How long does the repair take? 
If your SUP is delivered on time, it will be repaired within 1-2 weeks. You can find details under «processing times»

Can the repair be delayed? 
Reason 1: The SUP Clinic will only repair the SUP after receipt of payment. If the receipt of payment is delayed, it is possible that the repairs will not take place until the next week cycle.
Reason 2: If a defect is found in the repaired area after the repair, it will be repaired again, which can lead to delays .

How much does the repair cost? 
If you know the error, you can see the fixed price when you enter it. The SUP will be checked upon arrival at the SUP Clinic. Other errors (holes, etc.) will be offered to the SUP Clinic. 
A processing fee of EUR 40.-* will be charged in any case. This includes inflating, appraisal, and returning* or disposal.
The processing fee will be deducted from the costs for repairs. You can find a price list here
* Shipping costs to Austria and Netherlands + EUR 15.-
We charge EUR 45.- for the removal of existing old repair points

What are the shipping costs?
The customer pays the shipping costs for shipping to the SUP Clinic. The return shipment within Germany is already included in the repair costs or the processing fee. The shipping costs to Austria and Netherlands are an additional EUR 15.- (Returns can only be sent to Germany, Austria or Netherlands)
When shipping, please ensure that the package does not exceed a length of 100 cm. So you can save unnecessary postage costs. 

Can I change the shipping address?
The shipping address can only be changed in writing at: info@sup-clinic.com (Retail Partner may have special options in their login-Tool. – Please note that the address change before payment or placing the order must take place. We cannot guarantee that the delivery address will be changed later.

What do I have to send in?
For normal repairs, please only send in the SUP without accessories (fin, bag, pump, paddle). If you change the valve, please also enclose the pump hose (without pump).

Is there a guarantee? 
We offer a one-year guarantee on all repairs.

How is the guarantee processed?
If it turns out that the repaired area is still losing air, we will improve it. – Please check the repaired area with soapy water to see if there are any bubbles. Send us your warranty request, preferably with a photo, to: info@sup-clinic.com
You will receive a new repair slip from us with the note «Warranty repair». – Submissions without consultation and without a «guarantee repair slip». will be charged with a fee of EUR 40.

Can unexpected additional costs arise?
Please note that if a burst side seam (or seam on a curve) is to be repaired, only this can be offered, but no further leaks can be determined. It can happen at any time that the SUP has a small air loss in other places after a repaired side seam. – This is because, for example, the entire material was weakened by overpressure.
If you would also like to have these areas repaired, a new cost estimate would have to be prepared.

Can I get a repair in my board color / desired color? 
We have high-quality repair material in different colors. However, we cannot guarantee that we have the exact color of your SUP available. If you want your exact board color to be repaired, please enclose the repair patch from your repair kit and make a note of this on the repair slip.
Please note that we do not use black repair material. Black areas on the SUP – especially black side edges can heat up extremely, which can loosen the adhesive. Instead, we’ll use a matching, lighter color.

Can other inflatable sports equipment also be repaired?
At the moment, the SUP Clinic only repairs inflatable stand-up paddleboards. – Kayaks, canoes, etc. cannot be repaired.
Such equipment will be returned for a fee of EUR 40.

Unrepairable damage

Some damage cannot be repaired or is not an error:

  • Bladder on the back of the valve: This is by design. Since there are no threads stretched around the valve, a bulge can occur on the opposite side.
  • Banana shape: The cause is material fatigue or poor quality. – A permanent correction is not possible. Our tip: Bend the SUP over a railing or similar before use. When inflated again, however, the SUP returns to its old shape.
  • Twisted SUP: The cause is material fatigue or poor quality. – If the inflated SUP stands in the sun on one side for a long time, the seam on the exposed side can shift, giving the SUP a «twist».
  • Leak on the mast foot thread – The only option left is to remove the mast foot, or to seal it in such a way that the mast foot can no longer hold the sail.The forces are simply too strong and using a sail would cause leaks again.
  • Long tear, more than 20cm, along the side seam: Such a long tear indicates severe material fatigue. – We cannot rule out that this area or other areas will still hold up under high pressure.
  • Inflated SUP / torn drop stitch / delamination: If the SUP has a large bulge at the top or bottom, either the threads of the drop stitch are torn inside or the PVC Coating has become detached/delaminated from the thread fabric.
  • Tear on the on Top or bottom longer than 10cm. In the case of tears of more than 10cm, the drop stitch fabric is usually too badly damaged and the board can no longer be safely repaired. (All other cases can be submitted as «Top/Bottom»
  • Replace entire deck pad
  • Leaking rail seam under deck pad. Should a SUP slowly lose air (approx. 0.3 bar over 24-48 hours) and no leak can be found, there is a 99% certainty that the leak is along the seam under the deck pad – This is particularly the case when it is It’s a black deck pad, as this heats up the seam underneath and reactivates the adhesive of the rail bonding.
  • Double-chamber SUP. So far we haven’t been able to find a reliable method. Exceptions can only be examined in our head office in Zug (CH).

Can hardboards also be repaired?
Currently the SUP Clinic only repairs inflatable boards. However, we have a dense network of partners who repair hardboards professionally.

Can I also reach the SUP Clinic by phone?
If you have any questions about an existing repair or special comments, you can reach us on +49 34292-63 46 24.
Please have Understanding that we cannot make a diagnosis over the phone because each case has to be assessed directly on the SUP.